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Following the ratification of the MHA+ Business Plan, the merger of the three highways efficiency organisations in the Midlands, the Midlands Highway Alliance, the Midlands Service Improvement Group, and the West Midlands Highway Alliance is now in full swing.

The new organisation, to be known as the Midlands Highway Alliance Plus, will have around 35 local highway authority members and will aim to build on the successes of its nationally renowned predecessors.  A FAQ is available on this website. Please visit the MHA Plus website for all new announcements.

It is expected that the transition to the new organisation will take about twelve months and will include rationalising the current three websites. One of the first projects the new organisation will take on is putting together a Webinar Week, to replace the annual conference, which cannot take place due to COVID-19 restrictions. It will start on the 12 October 2020 and consist of five days of online presentations given by national and local speakers. The objectives of our annual event continues: to celebrate our successes to share best practice to ensure MHA+ members continue to maximise their performance to bring national issues to the local agenda to give framework partners the opportunity of showing their expertise to announce the procurement route for MSF4.



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The three buttons above allow you to: enter performance data, run benchmark reports and access the group's practice library. Please see below the latest Annual Report:

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